Introducing the Freebox Ultra: A Revolution in Internet Access for France

In a bid to advance internet access in France, Xavier Niel, the founder of Free, has recently unveiled the latest innovation in telecommunications – the Freebox Ultra. This new offering sets French internet services to reach new heights in terms of quality, service, and price, further asserting its position as one of the best in the world.

The Technological Marvels of the Freebox Ultra

Presented at the headquarters of the Iliad group in Paris on Tuesday, January 31, 2024, the Freebox Ultra boasts unparalleled features when it comes to internet speed and connectivity. Here’s a closer look at what this groundbreaking new device has to offer to its users:

Blazing Fast Fiber Optic Speed

  • Eight gigabits per second speed for both downloading and uploading data
  • Achieves instant exchange of heavy files like videos and 3D models
  • Maintains optimal performance despite high influx of data transmissions

As the industry standard for fiber optic speeds rises, so does the Freebox Ultra’s capabilities in holding its own against competing brands. Its impressive eight-gigabit-per-second upload and download rate propels it into the higher echelons of telecommunications technology, making it an unrivaled choice for people who depend on quick and reliable internet connections.

The World’s First Wi-Fi 7 Box

  • One of the pioneers in implementing cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology
  • Improved efficiency and overall performance over previous Wi-Fi standards
  • Compatible with a wide range of present and future devices that support Wi-Fi 7 connectivity

Freebox Ultra also stakes its claim as the first Wi-Fi 7 box in the world. This backs up its impressive feat in being one of the leading platforms for adopting next-generation Wi-Fi technologies. This groundbreaking feature enables it to offer significantly better overall performance and efficiency compared to earlier versions of Wi-Fi, making it an excellent long-term investment for your internet needs.

Affordable Pricing Scheme and Major Content Inclusions

The Freebox Ultra comes at a highly competitive initial cost of €49.99 per month (eventually increasing to €59.99 per month after one year). Delivering great value for money, this pricing tier includes popular platforms such as:

  • Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and Universal+
  • New addition: Canal+ Live offering linear channel access

These content-rich offerings not only make the package more attractive to potential customers but also reinforce the notion that the Freebox Ultra is a comprehensive solution for all your digital entertainment requirements. With access to premier content from globally renowned providers, users can enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and channels without having to worry about additional subscriptions.

An Emphasis on Complementarity Between Fixed and Mobile Offers

Another enticing selling point of the Freebox Ultra is its seamless interoperability between fixed and mobile services. Subscribers can avail of a special discount for mobile plans amounting to €9.99 per month in the first year, followed by only €15.99 instead of the regular €19.99 per month rate afterward. The real game-changer is that Freebox Ultra subscribers are now entitled to:

  • Four subscriptions at this reduced rate
  • Unlimited 5G connectivity for users with both fixed line and mobile subscriptions
  • No reduction in speed regardless of data consumption

This significant focus on providing unbeatable service across fixed and mobile domains sets the Freebox Ultra apart from its competitors, allowing customers to enjoy fast and efficient internet access without any limitations.

A Bright Future for Internet Access in France

With the introduction of the Freebox Ultra, the future of internet services in France is looking bright. By delivering unmatched speed, reliability, and affordability, plus a generous content offering, Xavier Niel’s innovative product is set to reshape the world of telecommunications as we know it. To stay updated on the latest information about the Freebox Ultra and all things tech-related, be sure to subscribe to France Info’s newsletter, “The News at 6:30 PM”, which delivers breaking news directly to your inbox every evening.